SLM technology is increasingly being used in toolmaking. This industry benefits from a new freedom of geometry in manufacturing complete tools or orders that is only possible with SLM technology. A main application area is conformal cooling that makes it possible to shorten the cycle times of the manufacturing process, minimize stress loads in the components to be produced, and extend the tool life.

In addition, tools or inserts with different material properties can be produced. This means that different specifications can be integrated into a production job, for example, hardness on the surface and damping properties in the core.

The powerful SLM 280 2.0 Twin provides a production space of 280 x 280 mm x 365 mm³ as well as a patented multi-beam technology with up to 2 x 700 W laser power. In addition, bidirectional powder application helps to shorten the production time of individually manufactured metal components.

The improved gas flow routing also results in even higher component quality with regard to density and component surface, especially for tools made of stainless steels or nickel-base alloys.

The SLM machines control all relevant process parameters with their quality systems and provide constant quality of metal powder with their closed powder systems.

Thanks to professional application support from SLM Solutions, customized SLM components are supported from prototype development all the way to mass production.

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