The power generation industry was and is a driver of SLM technology. This enables new freedom of geometry in manufacturing components and shows new ways for optimizing the energy sector.

Current challenges in this industry include the materials used and the size of the components.

SLM technology is already being used today for series production of gas turbine components. For this purpose, high-strength nickel-base alloys are used, which are difficult to machine conventionally. This is where SLM technology shows its strengths. SLM machines provide a wide range of quality management modules

The successive expansion of the spectrum of materials is gradually leading to an ever widening range of possible applications.

To meet the demands of component size, SLM Solutions pursues not only the approach of larger production spaces, but also achieves increases in productivity thanks to its patented multi-laser technology. This is absolutely necessary, because otherwise production times of components would increase considerably as would production costs.

SLM Solutions is taking up the challenge of the continually changing requirements of the energy market and consequently creating solutions for large as well as small and medium-sized corporations and companies.

Thanks to professional application support from SLM Solutions, customized SLM components are supported from prototype development all the way to mass production.

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