Vacuum Casting

The vacuum casting system from SLM Solutions has become a widely used system due to its high accuracy in reproduction and easy handling by users. In two to three days 30 to 50 ready-made prototypes can be produced, each one different in colour and mechanical properties if needed.

Vacuum casting is used for generative rapid prototyping for the optimization of quality and massive reduction in delivery times. Compared to conventional manufacturing methods this process saves time and delivers cost reductions up to 97%. The vacuum casting proved to be a perfect solution for the rapid prototyping worldwide. In addition, the easy application and handling is another reason for its success.

The Nylon Module takes five basic ingredients and creates a range of grades. It is mounted externally, above the upper machines chamber and a dedicated cup is installed in the machine. This offers the advantages of adding fillers for strength and also the possibility of pigmenting materials without changing the colour of the material inside the Module with the associated colour change diffi culties; the pigment is simply added in the mixing cup prior to pouring into the mould. Vacuum casting parts can be produced in around 30 minutes with mould life ranging from around 15 to 30 castings per mould depending on complexity, with signifi cant performance advantages over plastics sintering technologies.