Additive.Quality is a brand of SLM Solutions to guarantee component and process quality during the SLM® process. The combination of hardware and software products guarantees the documentation of component specific data across the entire additive production process. The analysis of the detected data and the subsequent evaluation via specially developed algorithms enable the user to not only control the process, but also sustainably reproduce the finished component.

Additive.Quality currently encompasses the products melt pool monitoring, laser power monitoring and recoating monitoring and controlling. Furthermore, the measured data from the sensors within the entire machine and live images of the process chamber are an important part of the product line.

Melt Pool Monitoring (MPM)

Melt Pool Monitoring (MPM) is an on-axis tool for the visualization of the melt pool during the SLM® process. The system records the heat radiation created from the melting during the entire production process. The system is utilized in order to detect errors which can be created during the fusing of the powder.

Laser Power Monitoring (LPM)

Laser Power Monitoring (LPM) is an on-axis monitoring system which measures and documents the prescribed target and the attained actual laser performance continuously during the entire production process. In so doing, any deviations between the target performance and the actual performance are identified.

Layer Control System (LCS)

Layer Control System (LCS) is a testing and documentation system that has been specially developed for the SLM® process which monitors the powder bed and detects any possible irregularities during the coating process. LCS detects flaws during the coating process and responds before damage occurs during the process.

Sensor System

The sensor system encompasses all sensors installed in the machine. This system can detect indications of irregularities and deviations which may compromise the desired component quality.


The camera is a live transmission of the process chamber within the SLM® machine. It enables the live monitoring and documentation of the process. In addition, it is possible to record the production process in order to conduct an analysis of the recorded image at a later point in time.


Additive.Quality Software Suite

The Additive.Quality Software Suite combines all available modules of the brand in one application. Thus, the customer receives not only the advantages of each individual Additive.Quality module, but also receives the possibility of conducting a correlated analysis of the captured process monitoring data. In this regard, any managed workflows help the user to obtain a report regarding the quality of his documented component. Thus, all process relevant data can be centrally accumulated, documented and evaluated. The data from the various Additive.Quality modules can be combined and correlated as desired. The real-time monitoring of the construction process enables the user to intervene in the case that irregularities are discovered in order to detect and/or prevent a printing error during the build job. Later, the acquired knowledge can be used for the selection of the best-possible parameter settings for your component.