Additive.Quality stands for highest standards in quality assurance in the additive manufacturing process and summarises SLM Solution´s pioneering process monitoring systems in one product line. As the foundation, the already available modules Melt Pool Monitoring (MPM), Laser Power Monitoring (LPM) and Layer Control System (LCS) form the basis for future integrated Additive.Quality solutions to ensure build part and process quality.

Melt Pool Monitoring (MPM)

Melt Pool Monitoring (MPM) is a tool for visualizing the melt pool in the SLM® process. The system records the thermal radiation produced from the melt during the entire production process. The thermal radiation is determined on-axis by photodiodes directly on the optical beam path.

Laser Power Monitoring (LPM)

Laser Power Monitoring (LPM) is an on-axis monitoring system that continuously measures and documents TARGET and ACTUAL emitted laser output throughout the production process. In doing so, it displays both the set TARGET output and the measured ACTUAL output during the production process and identifies any deviations.

Layer Control System (LCS)

The Layer Control System (LCS) is a testing and documentation system that examines the performance of each powder layer. Developed specifically for the SLM® process it monitors the powder bed and detects possible irregularities in coating. The LCS visually detects powder preparation and execution after each cycle and, if necessary, reacts before damage occurs in the process.