3D-Printing technology in Dental Industry

Precise, functional and reliable ensuring fast results
3D-Printing technology for the manufacturing in Dental Industry

In the steadily increasing market for 3D printing technology SLM Solutions is a leading provider of metal based additive manufacturing technology. These extremely reliable and economical systems enable the manufacturing of highly complex geometry that cannot be milled in such a way. The systems simplify the manufacturing process of tooth caps, crowns and further dental components. SLM Solutions supplies specialized CoCr nickel-free metal powder for the dental sector.

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    Innerhalb weniger Stunden können bis zu 400 Kappen erzeugt werden.

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    Speziell für den Dentaleinsatz entwickelte Pulverwerkstoffe: SLM Medi-Dent.

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    Die materialwissenschaftliche Analyse  der Schliffbilder bestätigt die hervorragende Qualität der Materials.

The additive manufacturing of crown and bridge frameworks changes the industrial production process of modern tooth replacement.

The selective laser melting machines SLM 125 and SLM 280 are used for the manufacturing of dental models by metal powder. These systems have a positive effect on the productivity, the quality of the final products and the cost of parts based on the available data.

Within just a few hours, e.g. the SLM 280 generates up to 400 tooth caps. Part accuracy, perfect fit, look and feel can be reproduced precisely. Models may be produced directly in multiple versions, e.g. as a control model and unlike plaster models, SLM models are break-resistent.

The machines of SLM Solutions operate with high precision and reliability. Fullfilling the required accuracy demanded by the industry and keeping the tolerance ranges is achieved by this technology. SLM Solutions supplies for the dental sector specially developed metal powder, the SLM Medi-Dent. Cobalt-Chrome, Titanium und Stainless Steel alloys are biocompatible, display high-strength and good elasticity values. The material science analysis of crosssectional images confirms the outstanding quality of our metal powders. In the manufacturing process of the SLM® technology the components achieve even better metallurgical characteristics than using the conventional casting process with the same material.