Aviation and Aeronautics

Aircraft engine manufacturers are among the early adopters of metal-based additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry, because jet engines have a major impact on the operating costs of an aircraft.

The new freedom of design created by selective laser melting makes it possible to produce jet engines with clean combustion, improved durability and higher efficiency. Another advantage of SLM technology is the possibility to integrate several parts into one part, thus avoiding joining processes. This in turn leads to a simplified manufacturing process, lower costs per part and shorter lead times.

Spacecraft and satellites are further areas of application that benefit from SLM technology due to their small batch sizes. Because weight reduction at the launch of a rocket into outer space is crucial, the additional design flexibility provided by the SLM process is used to reduce the weight of the satellite and missile components as well as to save costs. The SLM process enables the production of functional prototypes and end applications for our aerospace customers.

The SLM 280 2.0 Twin fulfills the requirements of our customers in the aerospace industry for optimum material quality. The high-performance machines with high productivity provide patented multi-beam technology with up to 2x 700 W laser power. In addition, bidirectional powder application helps to shorten the production time of individually manufactured metal components.

SLM provides a wide range of suitable materials for the aerospace industry, such as nickel superalloys (IN719, IN625 and HX), titanium and aluminum alloys, which meet the stringent requirements of aircraft engine manufacturers for metallographic and mechanical properties.

Our automatic powder management by means of vacuum technology takes place in a closed system with a protective gas atmosphere. An increased level of work safety is achieved thanks to contactless powder handling.

The SLM Solutions team with its experienced experts is always available to help you take advantage of this exciting technology and to advance your company thanks to qualification for the production of aerospace components.

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