Sustainability aspects

Our latest technologies support the global trend of sustainability in production environments. Minimal use of natural resources as well as support of design aspects, for example a bionics approach and accelerated design and production processes may only be a few examples here.

Energy saving

By using Rapid prototyping and Additive manufacturing methods the energy used is proportional to building part volume. Additionally the speed of production is higher than in conventional processes. Please see our process descriptions for further details.

Reducing basic material consumption

Whether you look at the vacuum casting system which avoids the resource consuming manufacturing of various prototypes by milling, grinding etc. or the latest state of the art Selective Laser Melting process which uses just the amount of metal powder needed to produce a three dimensional part - in both examples we aim to reduce the waste of natural resources to a necessary minimum.

Positive ecological footprint

Summarizing these arguments and statements we are proud to say that we follow a philosophy of embedding our technologies and work into an environment with growing awareness of ecological mechanisms and circumstances to safeguard future growth.